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Fort Worth, Texas   |   1.5 Acres

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Southern Luxury

Enjoy your free time the way you really want to.

Our clients came to us looking for a unique, Spanish-themed landscape to match their beautiful residence. They were also looking for a low-maintenance outdoor space so that they can spend more time enjoying what they love most — entertaining their family and friends.

Highlighting the beauty of native Texas.

This project began with the construction of a stunning entrance, including a 100-foot long waterfall and stream leading to the pond. The result is a captivating first impression that isn’t soon forgotten. We also installed a brand new 40 by 20 feet negative-edge pool, to provide a luxurious spot to relax and unwind on the travertine paver patio. The residence features a 24 by 34-foot pond with a 100-foot stream running through the courtyard, adding to the tranquil atmosphere. We utilized native, drought-tolerant landscape design and planting throughout the property to highlight the beauty of the surrounding area while remaining eco-friendly. For a few more entertainment options, we added a bocce ball court and a wine cellar with a green roof, planted with mint for Mojitos!

Soaking up the sun together.

Today, our clients are thrilled with their stunning and versatile backyard destination. It is a space that is uniquely theirs and one they are proud to invite guests into. The spacious patio, inviting pool and bocce ball court are regularly filled with friends and family savoring beautiful Texas days together. And when the party’s over, the tranquil atmosphere lends itself to near-perfect moments of quiet relaxation for the gracious hosts.

Key Design Features

What more could you need?

Negative-edge pool.

A gorgeous, negative-edge pool welcomes all who are looking for a little escape from the Texas heat.

Spacious patio.

A large travertine paver patio serves as a luxurious gathering place for any occasion.

Drought-tolerant Gardens

Native landscape design and planting highlight the beauty of the surrounding area.

Impressive entrance.

A stunning entrance marked by 100-foot long stream with waterfalls  leading to the pond, creates a captivating first impression.

Outdoor Kitchenette.

A custom built kitchenette with all the appliances needed for dinners and entertaining on the patio.

Water features.

Stunning rock lined stream that manages water on the property and creates as oasis experience. 

The Results

Entertain like no other.

Next Steps

Bring your outdoor dreams to life.

We’re excited to help bring your vision to reality. Getting started is easy. Here’s what you can expect:

Custom Design

We’ll meet and collaborate to design a masterpiece that is uniquely yours!

Masterful Construction

Sit back and watch your property transform to exacting standards.

Maintenance & Care

Keep your space looking beautiful year-round with ongoing property care.

Book Your Consultation

Your exquisite outdoor living space awaits.

To begin your project, please tell us a little more about your vision for your property. Fill out the form below or call 817-789-4047. We look forward to hearing from you.

Father and Son at the pool